Treatment Philosophy

CPM Centres for Pain Management, a division of Viable Healthworks, offers solutions to help people manage their pain and optimize their quality of life. We are a multi-disciplinary organization whose goal is to provide a comprehensive chronic pain assessment and multi-modal treatment plan based upon recommendations by a group of trained physicians and a variety of specialized healthcare professionals. All of the healthcare professionals at CPM are dedicated to providing every patient with the highest quality focused care available to treat their chronic pain condition. By providing efficient and thorough care, we will work with you to help restore maximum functionality. One unique component of our program is a planned out-patient, group-based, Chronic Pain Self-Management Program, originally developed at Stanford University and field tested in Canada. This program allows our patients to become active participants in their own care.

Patient education regarding diagnosis, treatment and self-management strategies will become an essential part of our treatment plan.

Our Approach

CPM Centres for Pain Management Five Steps to Success:

  1. Thorough assessment and diagnosis of the cause and nature of the patient’s chronic pain;
  2. Custom consultative design of a multi-modal treatment plan;
  3. Specific and optimized medical treatments to relieve reduce and/or eliminate pain;
  4. Identify physical and psychological rehabilitative methods to help restore functionality, and;
  5. Communication with the referring physician/nurse practitioner to ensure ongoing care after discharge.