Patient Education

Traditionally, pain has been viewed as a symptom of underlying disease that will end after healing takes place. We now know that when pain persists, that physiological changes occur in the central nervous system. These together with psychological factors, transform the symptom of pain into the disease of chronic pain. When this occurs a patient’s quality of life gradually decreases as they slide into a “chronic pain spiral”.

Traditional medical approaches to these conditions may fail to remedy the problem because the pain has become “programmed” into the spinal cord and brain. Often, in desperation, pain sufferers look for relief from many sources both traditional and alternative, a process that may be frustrating as well as costly.

CPM Centres for Pain Management provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic pain.

We work carefully with each patient and the referring physician/nurse practitioner to develop an individual and comprehensive treatment plan that will produce the best possible results.

Due to the many complex pre-disposing conditions that exacerbate chronic pain, as well as requirements for follow-on care, patients are accepted for consultation and treatment at the CPM Centre only on referral from their family physician/nurse practitioner. As a pre-condition of referral, the family physician/nurse practitioner must sign the referral form indicating that it is their intention to resume caring for their patient once their treatment regime is completed.

In addition to medical treatments, CPM offers a Chronic Pain Self-Management Program which helps patients better understand the chronic pain process and teaches non-medicated coping strategies.