Employee of the Month – October 2018

We are excited to announce that October’s Employee of the Month is Anna Paveling, RN at the Hamilton clinic!

Anna always lights up the Hamilton clinic with her smile. Her positive attitude and spirit always impacts the patients in the most amazing way. She always goes above and beyond with patient care. Colleagues expressed how lucky they are to have Anna as part of the Hamilton team! She is always positive and cheerful which helps to change the mood of many Hamilton patients in a positive way! She is very compassionate and caring and always takes time to listen to patient’s concerns, no matter how busy she is. Her colleagues are confident that each of the doctors and nurses and admin staff in our clinic support her being awarded Employee of the Month. Thank you for embodying the vision, mission, and values of CPM.

Join us in congratulating Anna!

We would like to thank the CPM staff for the nominations received for this month’s Employee of the Month.