Employee of the Month Award

This award is open to all CPM Centres for Pain Management staff members who have demonstrated excellence in communication, ownership, respect/empathy, integrity, job excellence/professionalism, and teamwork. The award will be given to the staff member who:

  • Communication – always uses caring words with patients and staff, explains information in an appropriate and comprehensive way, and uses communication etiquette on the telephone and email.

  • Ownership – promotes the reputation of CPM Centres for Pain Management, leads by example and is self-motivated, avoids waste of CPM Centres for Pain Management resources, is receptive of corrective actions of suggestions, and takes initiative to rectify any areas of concern.

  • Respect/Empathy – promptly greet guests, visitors, and co-workers, actively listens, respects diversity and is considerate of the feelings, concerns or experience of others. Respectfully informs or requests permission before performing a tasks for a patient.

  • Integrity – employee will be constant in their commitment to honest, excellence and high moral standards. Is always trustworthy, honest, and sincere. Does the right thing. Maintains patient confidentiality in all settings. Follows through on commitments made.

  • Job Excellence/Professionalism – aspires to provide exceptional patient care through job excellence, professionalism, and a positive attitude. Is flexible, willing to accept new tasks, willing to ask questions, and uses time wisely. Stays current on job education and proactively seeks out education opportunities. Consistently adheres to all policies and procedures of CPM Centres for Pain Management, and the corporate vision, mission, and values.

  • Teamwork – always interacts with co-works and other departments in a respectful manner and values their contributions. Cooperate with co-workers and assists them when help is needed. Is complimentary of other departments and a job well done. Arrives on time for scheduled meetings, events or activities.

Nominate for Employee of the Month


  • Permanent CPM staff employed by the Company on a continuous basis for at least three months as of January 1 of the nomination year are eligible;
  • Recipient cannot be awarded more than once per year;
  • CPM staff can only nominate one individual per month.

The award recipients will be acknowledged by their Service Director every month.