Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

An estimated 1 in 5 or 20-30 percent of Canadians suffer from some type of moderate to severe chronic pain as a result of physical injury, disease or due to lifestyle choices. Chronic pain comes in many different forms, and levels of severity, but it always has an impact on sufferers’ quality of life. Chronic pain costs the Canadian economy as much as heart disease or cancer – due to lost productivity and healthcare costs. To fill the need for accessible treatment, CPM Centres for Pain Management, a division of Viable Healthworks, was started in 2005 and has grown to be one of the largest providers of outpatient pain management services in Canada. CPM plays an important role in filling a huge need for community-based pain services in the Canadian healthcare system.

Who We Are?

Pain is a very personal, subjective experience even though the cause may not be immediately apparent. At CPM Centres for Pain Management, we understand that the pain is very real. We work carefully with each patient and the referring primary care practitioner to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan that will produce the best possible results.

Why Are We Different?

CPM Centres for Pain Management is a multi-disciplinary organization whose goal is to provide comprehensive chronic pain assessment and multi-modal treatment recommendations by a group of trained physicians and other healthcare professionals.

All of the healthcare professionals at CPM are dedicated to providing every patient with the highest quality focused care available to treat their chronic pain condition. By providing efficient and thorough care, our goal is to work with you to help restore your patients to their maximum functionality.

One unique component of our program is a planned outpatient, group-based, Chronic Pain Self-Management Program, originally developed at Stanford University and field tested in Canada. Through this program, patients will become active participants in their own care. Patient education regarding diagnosis, treatment and self-management strategies will become an essential part of our treatment plan.

What are CPM Centres for Pain Management?

CPM Centres for Pain Management are being developed to help primary care practitioners manage the more than 20% of their patients who suffer from chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP).